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The MANTA is a 6-string-Guitar with classical tuning, especially design for the style of tapguitar, also known as tapping.


The MANTA is exactly constructed for your perfect posture in the sitting position. The cutaway on the lower side of the instrument is formed perfectly to match to the right thigh. The fretboard still moves in a perfect diagonal position in front of your upper body. Your right an your left hand  reach  the fretboard without tension of your arms and shoulders.


You can easily put your fingers of your right hand parallel to the fretboards, simoultaness as your left handfingers should do in a classical guitar manner.


You dont loose this advantages  in a standing position. With a guitar strap you can put the MANTA in the same position easily, which is very helpfull for advanced tapguitar techniques if using more than one finger of the right hand for tapping.


The comfortable features of two humbuckers with several switches into singlecoil and humbucker variations allows a broad spectrum of individual sounds. Especially the humbucker in neckposition is recommended vor clean tapguitarsounds.


Ergonomy, price, size and weight makes the MANTA very attractive.

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